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General Facility Welders
105,000 Sq Ft of Manufacturing Space 80 KVA (Max Cap.) 460 Volt Amada ID40ST Spot Welder w/Programmable Controller
20,000 Sq Ft of dedicated indoor storage for raw materials, inventory, and WIP 55TIG Welders
Laser & Waterjet 33 MIG Welders
Amada F1 4000 Watt w/max sheet size 60x120 and Flying Optics 10 Pulse MIG Welders
Amada Gemini 4000 Watt w/max sheet size 60x120 and Flying Optics Miller 30 KVA w/24" Throat and Auto Cycle
Amada Punch/Laser 2500 Watt LC 2012 C1 NT w/Sheet Loader ARC Machine Model 227 Orbital Welder
Flow 6012 Waterjet 60,000 PSI w/ 6ft x 12ft bed Milling
Forming Haas Super Mini-Mill 16"x12"x10"
Cincinnati 230 Ton 2 axis/12 ft w/ CNC control Haas VF-1 (Vertical) 20"x16"x20"
Cincinnati 175 Ton 2 axis/14 ft w/ CNC control Haas VF-3 YT/50 (Vertical) 40"x26"x25"
(2) Amada 137 Ton 4 axis/10 ft w/ CNC control (2) Haas VF-4 (Vertical) 50"x20"x25"
Amada 137 Ton 2 axis/10ft w/ CNC control Haas VF-5/40TR Trunnion Mill 38"x26"x25"
Amada 88 Ton 4 axis/8 ft w/ CNC control Haas VF-6/50 (Vertical) 64"x32"x30" 4th axis rotary
Amada 55 Ton 4 axis/6 ft w/ CNC control Haas VF-7 (Vertical) 84"x32"x30" 4th axis rotary
Amade 27 Ton Promecam 4 ft. Haas VF-11 (Vertical) 120"x40"x30" 4th axis rotary - full Renishaw Inspection System on machine
Pacific 75 Ton 2 axis/8 ft w/ CNC control Haas VF-12 (Vertical) 150"x32"x30"
Shears Haas EC500 (Horizontal) 32"x20"x38" w/ full 4th axis rotary system - pallet changer
Cincinnati 3/8" 10 ft  36" F.O.B.G. Haas HS-7R (Horizontal) Machining Center 84"x66"x60" 10,000 lb. table, 4 axis
Cincinnati 1/4" 10 ft  36" F.O.B.G Forest Line Seramil VMC X-236" Y-94" Z-47" 5-Axis Programmable, 2.5 Degree Indexing
HTC 1/4" Hydraulic 10 ft Forest Line Modumill VMC X-275" Y-157" Z-59" 5-Axis Programmable, 2.5 Degree Indexing
Punches Acer Knee Mill w/ 'X and Y' NC Control
Whitney 50 Ton Duplicator Chevalier Knee Mill w/ 'X and Y' NC Control
Whitney 30 Ton Duplicator  
L&J Punch Press 90 Ton Turning
Assorted Uni-Punch Tooling Mazak QTN450MY 24" Max Dia x 120" Between Centers, 6" Dia. Thru Spindle,   8" Y-Axis, 50HP Main Spindle, 10HP Live Tooling
  Haas SL-30 17" Max Dia. x 34" Max Length 30HP
  Haas SL-40 25.5" Max Dia. x 44" Max Length 15" Chuck 40HP Live Tooling
Miscellaneous Fabrication Equipment Hardinge Super Precision Quest 6/42 Live Tooling Sub Spindle
American Hole Wizard Radial Drill 3'-9" Haas SL-20 10.5" Max Dia. x 20" Max Length
Spartan 110 Ton Iron Worker Bridgeport EZ Path Lathe - Full CNC or Manual Control
Buffalo Iron Worker South Bend Manual Lathe 12"x50"
Piranha Iron Worker Victor Lathe 16"x60"
Peddinghaus 50 Ton Iron Worker Hardinge HLVH Tool Room Lathe
Pem Serter Series 4 Grinding
Marvel 2125 PC60 Vertical Saw Favretto Surface Grinder 24"x54"
Marvel Model 8 Mark 1 Vertical Saw Bridgeport EZ Surf Grinder 20"x6 3/4"x12" (x,y,z) - Full CNC or Manual Control
Johnson Horizontal Saw 10x16 Cut Off Saw Inspection Equipment
Henley Whitmore Roll 74"x6" Brown & Sharpe CMM 36"x59"x31" (x,y,z)
Lown Roll 5, 3/16 Capacity TESA Micro-Hite manual CMM 22"x30"
Pro Notcher EN250 Leeb PHT-1800 Hardness Tester
Wysong Roll 60"x 1/4" Capacity Wilson Rockwell Tester
P Stow Rolls 42"x3" 11GA Capacity Starrett Optical Comparator w/ printable readouts
Machining Software Trimos Digiheight Gage 18" travel and 42" travel
Mastercam w/ full 5-Axis, Solids, and Surfacing Support for milling and turning Multitude of Calipers, Micrometers, Bore Gages, Gage Pins & Blocks, etc.
File Translators for Inventor, Pro-E, Solidworks, ParaSolids, SolidEdge, ASCII, IGES, GWG, DXF, CADL, SAT, STL, and VDA Mitutoyo SJ 201P Profilometer
Design Software Finishing
AutoCad LT Enclosed Paint Booth 34'x16'x13' Tall
AutoCad 2D/3D Dupont Color Net Paint Matching System
AutoCad Mechanical Desktop Sand Blasting/Glass Bead Room 28'x20'
AutoCad Inventor Sand Blasting/Glass Bead Cabinets 48"x48"
Solidworks Sweco Vibro Finisher
FLOW Simulation Simco Vibro Finisher
Solidworks Simulation Professional 36" Wet System Time Saver
Intergraph PV Elite Doucet Stroke Sander 48"x96" Table
Intergraph CAESAR II  

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